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Ruth White

One evening during 1944, a stranger called me on the telephone — would we like to attend a meeting at his home? Our address in Los Angeles had been given to him by a friend of ours. As this friend was a very interesting person, my husband and I assumed the meeting would be worthwhile and we gladly accepted. So it proved to be.... At the close of the meeting our host, Malcolm Schloss, led us to a photograph on the wall. "This is Meher Baba of India," he said.

Looking at the photography, great waves of power emanated from the face on which I looked as palpably as if the sun had suddenly flashed on a cold winter day. "How wonderfully kind he looks," I managed to say, although silence would have been more in keeping with the waves of delight that were sweeping over me.

"Yes, that is the attribute he emphasizes most, kindness and love for all mankind," said my friend.

"What else does he especially teach?" Lawrence White asked.

"He has not come to teach but to awaken," our host replied. "He has kept silence since 1925." The thought came to me, how can he convey his message in silence? How could this possibly be? Then quickly I recalled Maeterlinck's essay on silence. That was my answer.

After that eventful evening, if anyone had tried to lessen my faith in Meher Baba, such attempts would have been futile. I had contacted him spiritually and the impact of that meeting would remain with me forever and ever. The next morning upon awakening, the same glory that had pervaded me the night before was still with me. All my faculties were enhanced and my physical well-being super alive.

One of the many gifts Meher Baba bestows on those who really love him enough to follow his discipline is that of developing in us rare intuitional attributes. He not only "changes" us, he also "charges" us with a spiritual voltage. Those receiving it become transmitters more or less and are able, without words, to convey it to others.

However small or great our ability may be, this spiritual push that he gives starts us sometimes in a new breathtaking direction that awakens faculties that have remained dormant, such as inner cognition. Through Meher Baba we are enabled to make the leap from reason to intuition. Perhaps his Silence is the medium he uses to test our ability to receive it....

Although I had known Baba spiritually for more than ten years, through inner contact and through friends who knew him, yet when I actually met him personally it seemed similar to meeting a being from another sphere. He is the endearing Father, "nearer to us than breathing, closer than hands or feet." A spiritual guide, the Avatar!

... Among the messages from Baba given out for the general public....

I have only one message to give and I repeat it age after age. My message to one and all is: "Love God." One must love God with all sincerity to such an extent that one loses one's self completely in love. And how does one love God? One can love God as He aught to be loved by trying one's utmost to make others feel happy even at the cost of one's own happiness.


WHEN HE TAKES OVER, p. 26-28, ed Bal Natu
1988 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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