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Meher Baba

I have been saying all the time, age after age, that when I, the Ancient One, assume this human form, there are many false prophets who claim themselves as Avatars. For instance, a week back I received a letter from Uttar Pradesh; a devotee writes that there are two persons in his town, and each proclaims himself as the Avatar of the age. This created a great deal of confusion in his mind. Also, in one of the towns in Northern India, there is one social worker who claims, and has a genuine feeling for his claim, that he is the Avatar.

I am telling you all these things in detail for it is My right alone to say so as all of them are My children. As far as you are concerned you should neither criticize nor indulge in backbiting. If you speak ill of a real saint, it will be harmful for you. You will create dreadful (sanskaric) bindings.

You should avoid scandalizing even the so-called mahatmas who call themselves saints, because it is not possible for you to be certain whether they are real or not. The presumptuous saints outwardly act like real saints. You will not be able to differentiate between them, just in the same way as you would not be able to differentiate between the masts and the mad persons. Yet what a world of difference lies in their inner states!

Coming back to the point of real saints, I would like you to know that to become a saint is not child's play. The very word saint, when commonly used or made applicable to anyone, creates a lot of misunderstanding. I will tell you something that will clear off the misunderstanding regarding saints.

There are two types of saints: (1) real saints and (2) imitation saints. Just as an ordinary person cannot distinguish between a real and an imitation pearl, you cannot distinguish between a real saint and an imitation saint. I, alone, like a jeweler can make out the difference.

Particularly in India we find a lot of imitations saints, and this is due to the superficial study of the Vedanta. By studying Vedanta one can say, "I am God;" sadgurus also say, "I am God." Imitation saints also say the same thing, but with the help of Vedanta. Real saints need no such help; they say what they experience.

There are also some who, after reading Vedanta, realize that they have no such experience. But they still say, "I am God." This is hypocrisy. Also there are some imitation saints who, after reading Vedanta, have a genuine feeling and say, "I am God," though in reality they do not have any conscious experience.

If anyone confers greatness on you and begins to worship you, and garlands you, you know yourself that you do not deserve the same. At the outset you are tempted to accept this greatness which makes you feel happy. But your conscience will be constantly pricking you and you will always be in a state of anxiety about future developments. You will be frequently in a fix either to accept or reject the greatness which is thrust on you.

Once you accept this conferred greatness it is very difficult for you to get out of the situation. After a time, the pricks of conscience even cease troubling you for you get used to them. Then it becomes an addiction and you cannot do without it. You then pose as a real saint. This posing will cause you to take additional innumerable births; so why pose as a saint, without inner experience?

As for Myself I say, "I am the Highest of the High." Had I not been the Ancient One I would have encouraged you to visit the so-called saints. I would have even praised them and they too would have praised Me in return. Thus a clique would get formed that would promote mutual praise to dupe the public.

If anyone of you meets an imitation saint or an imitation Avatar, what would he say to you? He would say the same thing as I do. If you tell him that Baba is the Avatar, he may even say, "I am the real one, and that Baba is a fraud!" When anyone approaches an imitation saint and is attracted by the outward atmosphere which he creates around him and, if owing to his faith in the imitation saint he get experiences, he is likely to attribute them to that imitation saint. This creates confusion....

What is the remedy for this? I will tell it now. It will be very useful only if you grasp it thoroughly. If all of you are convinced that Baba is the Avatar, God Incarnate, the question of confusion does not arise at all. In this case, just hold fast to My daaman, and close all doors for confusion and conflict to enter your minds.

If you are not convinced, leave Me. Seek someone else. But if you try to stick to Me with a wavering mind, without being convinced of My Divinity, you would be just like a nut caught in the crusher.


THE BEST OF GLOW, ed. Naosherwan Anzar, pp. 17-20
1984 © Naosherwan Anzar


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