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Baba said: "This old man was God incarnate. I said at My last visit here that I would not again stop in Sakori. But I remembered that He had once said that visitors would come here from other lands to do devotion, and to fulfil this I had to come and bring you dear ones here. Now My work here is finished. After the meeting of the 29th and 30th [September, 1954], the following three months will be for My final work, to break My silence, to manifest, and then to die a violent death, all in quick succession. You should all bow down at Maharaj's Samadhi. I am the Ancient One. When he threw that stone at Me, I knew I was the Ancient One."

What Baba said first in English was translated into Marathi. Arti was sung by the women, which included a dwarf woman. Baba said, "You all can have no idea how happy I am here. Godavri is the Mother here and all are her companions. She met Maharaj when two and a half year old; He put her on His lap and said, 'All this belongs to you.' They all live a life dedicated to My Master. I love her most dearly. The nuns are dressed in yellow saris and the candidates in white."

Bhajan sung by the women at Sakori

The Master tells His disciples that 'My Name is God
Some call Me Ram and some Shyam (Krishna)
In the world I am the object of worship and I am also the worshipper
At times I am the Giver and at times I am the beggar
I am everywhere and yet I belong to no place.'

(translated freely by Nariman Dadachanji, September 25, 1954)

Upasni Maharaj was a tall, heavy man and usually was naked, except for a gunny cloth and sandals when going out. For His last fourteen months and twelve days, He lived in a bamboo cage and took nothing but coffee once a day. The cage was about 3' x 3½' so that he could not lie down. He died in a room shown to us. On a stone over the doorway to the room there is engraved Maharaj's will. The room contains the couch on which He died.

Baba paid His homage to the tomb, and one after another the members of the group did the same under Baba's guidance, kneeling down and kissing the stone.


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