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Mehera J. Irani

Baba was very energetic and, of course, He was young and beautiful. During these early days before Baba had the Post Office enclosed, we would see Him walking so fast through the fields, back and forth from the Post Office to the old house (now Dharamshala) that the mandali were repairing.

In the evenings at twilight Baba sat on the floor with my mother and us girls, and we massaged His feet and legs. Baba loved to have music at that time, so often we sang to Him little songs. Sometimes Baba used to tell us funny stories, and sometimes He would say, "Now you tell Me some funny stories." When Baba asked me, I told Him that I had never read any funny stories; we were always studying at school and had no time for such books.

The other girls told Baba, "We only know a very short one," and Baba sweetly said, "No matter how short it is, tell Me!" So they did, and Baba enjoyed the story very much. But the next time Baba asked for a funny story the girls had to tell Him that they did not know any more. "Never mind," Baba said, "tell Me the same one again." So they repeated the story, and Baba enjoyed it as much as He had the first time!

Baba was very childlike and enjoyed fun and funny things. He Himself was very witty and clever. With the slightest excuse Baba would find humour in a situation, and He used to amuse everybody. Baba had so much serious work on His mind, and He told us that humour lightened the burden of it. He was so lovely, Baba was. He still is beautiful, but you cannot see Him!

MEHERA, p. 70
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