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Adi K. Irani

There was once a government official who sent a messenger to Ahmednagar. Baba was in seclusion, and the messenger gave me a note from the minister addressed to Baba. It was my task to read it first. It was written, "Beloved Meher Baba, I am suffering very much. I do not know what I should do. I have a high position. I do not lack status or money, but in my family there is a situation which is very painful to me. It is beyond my power to correct it and restore the happiness which I enjoyed before."

I asked the man to sit in my office while I took the letter to Meher Baba. Baba listened very carefully as I read it to Him. He said, "Tell this messenger who has come on behalf of the official that I do not perform miracles; I do not change circumstances. But there is one thing that is certain: My spiritual status is so high, so great, that if any man in any difficulty, in any corner of the world, at any time, remembers Me with all his heart, then the difficulty is immediately solved."

It is a distance of nine miles from Meherazad to my office. The messenger was eagerly waiting for me. I gave him Meher Baba's message. This messenger was a very intelligent man. The moment I gave him Meher Baba's message, he asked the first question. "Sir, what do you mean by remembering Him with all one's heart? Please explain." Baba had not told me how to explain the meaning of remembering Him with all one's heart. But I remembered something Baba had said before, and I explained it to the messenger in a very beautiful manner.

I gave him the instance of a man swimming in the water who is about to be eaten by a big fish. He does not know what will happen in the next second. He is so frightened that he almost becomes unconscious. At that moment, He remembers God; he remembers Meher Baba. "Oh, Meher Baba! Save my life!" This is the meaning of remembering Him with all our heart. The messenger was very satisfied with this answer. He went home and, of course, told the whole story to the minister, and within fifteen days I got a letter that everything had been smoothed out.


JUST TO LOVE HIM, pp. 14-15
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