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Part 2


William M. Stephens

Meher Baba:

"At such moments he sees even a dark room lit up with such brilliance that compared with it the brilliance of the sun is nothing. Then in the light he sees me. That is no miracle performed by me. I cannot do that myself. I know only one thing, that I am everywhere and in everything.

"Despite all that, Kaikobad has yet to realize God. He is on the path, and he has to go on and on. He often tells me that he is enjoying my grace, and I always tell him — and I mean it — that it is his love for me that gives him the wonderful experiences of the path. Even though glimpses, his experiences give him deep bliss and the unshakable conviction that I am his master. Therefore he will carry out any of my orders promptly and cheerfully.

"'Kaikobad,' Baba gestured as he looked toward the back of the group, 'stand up.' Don Stevens and the others watched as slim, gentle-faced Kaikobad stood up. Meher Baba asked him if what He had said was true.

'Yes, Baba, everything you have said is exactly true,' Kaikobad replied, and looking for a moment at Baba to see if anything further was demanded of him, he sat down again."

Eighteen years later, in December of 1973, I met Kaikobad. He was 83 years old at the time and confined to a wheelchair. Mansari told me that Kaikobad had become crippled in a most remarkable way. Meher Baba, following His second automobile accident in 1956, said to Kaikobad, "Accidents come in threes, and I am due to have one more. Are you willing to take it in my place?" Without hesitation, Kaikobad said, "Of course, Baba." A short time later, he was standing in his room on Meherabad Hill when, without warning, he suddenly fell to the floor and fractured his hip....

During Meher Baba's second trip to Meher Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach, in 1956, Baba spoke of Kaikobad. He said that Kaikobad, after repeating Baba's name 100,000 times a day for only two years had his first experience of seeing Baba everywhere. Baba added that Kaikobad had only gotten a glimpse of the Real Baba, and was not God-realized. "It is natural," Baba said, "for Kaikobad to love Baba because he has had a glimpse."

On another occasion, Meher Baba explained that souls on the higher planes see everything as One, with no divisions. Kaikobad, he added, "sees divisions but sees Baba in all the divisions." Baba added that Kaikobad would have to go beyond his present state and ultimately "see no divisions but see himself everywhere."


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