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Back in Australia, Francis Brabazon wrote to Baba at this time telling him that in order to write his book, Stay with God, he was reading through the various scriptures. In February 1958, Baba sent him an admonition, revealing his perspective of religious scripture and human thought:

The scriptures are like rotten bones rotted and are as food for worms. Theosophy and philosophy are like good bones rotted and are as food for vultures.

The writings of inspired poets are like fresh bones and are as food for dogs. The writings of spiritually advanced saints are like flesh and are as food for tigers. The writings by living Perfect Masters are like brain and are as food for men!

Good bones when rotted have some semblance of bone, but rotten bones when rotted are like filth.

So, you may go through the scriptures superficially — only to drive away the barking dogs when necessary; for instance, when you are called upon to answer the queries of the priests and the orthodox.


LORD MEHER, 1st ed (online), Vol 15, pp. 5266-5267, Bhau Kalchuri
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