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Dr. G. S. N. Moorty

To be at the Sacred Feet of our Silent Master, is to be at the Source of Peace. To come in contact with such a Lord of Mercy is to cut short the long distance of God Realization and to close the current chapter of worries. It is to be admitted into the Divine Folds of His Embrace. It is to receive the direct Grace of God.

Such is the wondrous Omnipotence of Avatar Meher Baba, the very Lord Incarnate of Love, who, despite innumerable sufferings that He has taken upon Himself for the sake of humanity, to redeem the modern world, spiritually awakens the sleeping souls on the globe, by silently switching on the Light of God, with frequent flashes of lightning smiles, breaking through the clouds of calamity, and thus dispelling the darkness of ignorance from the minds of one and all.

He inspires courage and confidence in the heart of a seeker of self realization by His most powerful silence which is ever eloquent. Still more marvelous is His quite unparalleled instance of Incarnation of the Ancient One, unprecedented in the annals of human history as the matchless manner of meeting the spiritual need of the day by His own distinguished way and say is highly characterized by the gestures of God, the range of vibrations which reaches the Innermost Realm of the Heart, where one is made aware of the Supreme Fact, by knowing which, all the mysteries of life and death are unlocked.

Under the eternal sunshine of His Grace, one can easily locate the Destiny of Destinies. The Sweet Fragrance of His Love makes one feel His immediate presence. Baba holds the Crown of happiness in His hands and invites all the lovers of God to wear it and asks them to be cheerful. Never before did we come across such a Grand Figure of Living importance, simultaneously depicting both Coronation and Crucifixion at one stretch. How queer is the fact that God reflects Himself, in the Universal Mirror, as Baba at all levels and in all planes of consciousness, at one and the same time.

Here is a unique example of our Silent Master, who is breathlessly busy in His Avataric work from morning till night.

As the rising sun appears on the Eastern horizon, so does the Lord of Love, Meher Baba, appear before His lovers and devotees who come for His Darshan even from far off corners of the continents at seven in the morning. He gives an embrace to each one of them issuing instructions while attending correspondence and above all, internally carrying on His Real Avataric Mission.

Out of His Infinite Mercy, He is pleased to probe into the minute details of daily activities of all those who come to find solace in the Master's Silence. Without omitting the smallest things of life, Baba makes them all feel at home with Him from their respective levels. May that person be a male or female, young or old, Baba solves all their problems through a strange spiritual insight, in a twinkling of an eye, with a magnificent sense of humor.

Baba is such a kind Doctor of Humanity that even while He performs the major operation of the Cancer of Doubt, the Touch is felt to be so soft and gentle that the patient smiles even under the pain of the operation. Due to His unbounded love and compassion for His lovers, Baba takes sufficient care to see that the most abstract topics of esoteric significance are explained in a very simple style giving easy examples and ordinary tit-bits of home truths to be properly understood by all. For this purpose, He first creates a congenial climate of calmness and prepares a favourable background to minimize the difficulty of understanding Higher Things of Life by inaugurating intuitive silence.


1992 © G. S. N. Moorty


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