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Delia DeLeon

Baba wanted to visit the theatre, so Margaret Craske bought tickets for a musical comedy and she invited me to come. She instructed me to wait by the box office until Baba's party was seated. I was standing there when they passed. They had decked Baba out in a long English coat and He wore a hat that was down to His nose. His hair was flowing. Once Baba's party had left the lobby, Meredith appeared and took me to His box.

There was one empty seat beside Baba; they told me to sit there. He simply looked at me and patted my hand. During the performance I hardly saw or heard anything except Baba. He chuckled quite a lot because there was a funny fat man in the play and Baba always liked fat men and comedians. After the play, I just looked at Him and said, "Baba, I must see you again." He nodded.

He spent one week in London and I went every day to see Him at Kitty Davy’s house. I was with Him most of the time. He went to the cinema, He saw many people and when any of us asked Baba to go out He always had a lot of people come along, not just two or three.

The night before Baba left England we played Negro spirituals. He was especially fond of "Steal Away to Jesus," and "Is There Anybody Here Like Weeping Mary?" He sat among us, beautiful and radiant, while the songs played, and we were all terribly sad because we did not know when we would see Him again. He said, "Oh yes. You will see Me again."

On one occasion He said to me, "You're very lucky to have met Me now," and He added, "It's not luck that brings you here."


THE WAY AND THE GOAL, Vol. 1, No. 8, p. 1, ed Dr. Harry Kenmore
1970 © The Society for Avatar Meher Baba


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