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There are always two aspects of Divinity that are eternally active in the affairs of the world. In Persian, the destructive aspect of Divinity is termed "self-glorification", and the constructive aspect "self-beatitude". When the "self-glorification" aspect of God predominates, there is destruction and suffering on a colossal scale, as in the last world war. The aspect of "divine beatitude" on the other hand brings peace and plenty. These are usually the golden ages of civilization.

During the phase of "self-glorification", Divinity repels Itself, so to speak, through Its own creation, while in the phase of "self-beatitude" Divinity attracts or loves Itself through Its own creation. The former is a negative method, the latter positive. Both must be regarded ultimately as instruments of divine wisdom to rouse humanity to its divine heritage of self-realization. When the individual or the race is about to lapse into bestiality, it is suffering that rehabilitates them.

Both the "self-glorification" and "self-beatitude" phases of God are exerted in cyclic waves and affect individuals and the race with similar intensity. As the destructive phase now begins to weaken, the constructive cycle of "divine beatitude" will gradually make itself felt.

Just as the recent world (war) catastrophe overwhelmed the innocent as well as the guilty, so in the approaching "self-beatitude" phase the undeserving as well as the deserving will have equal chance of receiving divine grace provided they are awake to the situation, so full and unique a cyclic dispensation it will be.


LISTEN, HUMANITY, pp. 130-131, ed. Don E. Stevens
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