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Service which comes after realisation of the Truth is a spontaneous expression of spiritual understanding of the true nature of the Self; and though it also brings about important results in the objective world, it is in no way complicated by any longing for them.

As the sun shines because it is its nature to do so and not because it wants to achieve something through shining, the God-realised person also lives a life of self-offering because of the basic structure of the divine life which is at the heart of Reality, and not because he longs to achieve anything.

His life is not a reaching out towards something with the hope of some kind of attainment. He does not seek enrichment through attainments, but is already established in the fullness of the realisation of the Infinite.

The overflow of his being is a blessing to life in other forms and actually brings about their upliftment from the material as well as spiritual point of view. As his own happiness is grounded in the realisation of Divinity within him, it does not suffer any diminution due to the imperfection or suffering of life in other forms, and his consciousness is not tinged by the ache of something unrealised.

There is a vast gulf between service before the realisation of the Truth and service after realising It. The life of the Master is a life of service; it is a perpetual offering to other forms of his own Self.


DISCOURSES, 6th ed, Vol 1, pp. 133-134
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