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Bal Natu

Thursday, October 7, [1954,] was dasehra, a Hindu festival. It is one of the most auspicious days to begin any new activity. The Hindus honor different animals on specific days. Dasehra is the day for honoring horses. In keeping with the spirit of this day, Sheba, the filly, received special loving attention from Baba and the women mandali at Grafton.

During Baba's stay in Dehra Dun in 1953, Kumar had presented a smart three-month-old filly to Baba. Mehera looked after her. All of the women mandali were fond of her, and she was Mehera's favorite mare. When Baba moved from Dehra Dun to Mahabaleshwar, and later to Satara, Sheba accompanied Him. She became one of Baba's "four-footed mandali" like Peter, Baba's dog. In fact, Sheba was the first occupant of the present mandali Hall at Meherazad, and stayed there until the mid-fifties.

Sheba was a thoroughbred racehorse. She had a chestnut-colored coat, a white star on her forehead, and a good mane. On the morning of dasehra, the women mandali decorated her with colorful silk and yellow flower garlands and anklets, and a net of flowers was draped over her back. Baba stroked her mane and patted her sides with great affection. He and Mehera fed her carrots, while Peter, Baba's dear cocker spaniel, took full advantage of the fun to enjoy himself as well. Baba's love for animals stands out as a special phase in His life and work.


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