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Judith Garbett

Mehera said how much she still missed Baba's physical presence — she knew that He was in the heart, that He was everywhere, but she missed Him so much. While she was speaking tears were running down her cheeks, but she went on talking gently and in a calm manner. It seemed that although she had accepted Baba's Will, yet at the same time, being very human and loving Him as deeply and devotedly as she did, it was natural that her tears still came.

She told of Baba's long and strenuous seclusion, of how tired He was after a work period, His body covered with perspiration, and His thigh bruised from the constant hammering with His fist which He told them was to keep His link with the gross plane. Mehera said that they all felt orphaned, and that whenever she broke down in tears the others would remind her of Baba's last message to her to be brave, and set an example for everyone. 'Baba helps us and encourages us,' she said.

While she talked I was in tears myself part of the time, and could only manage a word or two. Yet she, whose whole life was centered totally in Baba, stood there quietly in her immeasurable grief giving out so much love in speaking of Him, demonstrating so perfectly the strength and beauty of her one-pointed devotion for her Lord, her only Beloved.

Finally she said to me, 'How fortunate you are to have been here in 1962 and to have seen Him then. And you are fortunate to come now, because you have obeyed Baba's wish in coming, and He would be happy about that because obedience shows your love.'

These few minutes surely showed something of Mehera's own obedience to her Beloved, a tiny glimpse of the depth of her love for Him in giving time and energy, despite her immense grief, to talk about Him to His lovers, many of whom she had never seen before. In this way she began the pattern of loving care and attention which she gave unstintingly to thousands of pilgrims over so many years.


LIVES OF LOVE, Mehera, Part 1, p. 4
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