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Baba described his recent trip to the women, telling them about Tallulah Bankhead, Mary Pickford, and other celebrities he had met in Hollywood, such as Marie Dressler, who had wanted to dance to amuse him. He mentioned how picturesque Hawaii was and how lovely the palm trees were. He described the attractive native girls and friendly Hawaiians, who had welcomed their steamer & greeted them on the dock with music, flowers, & leis.

Baba also told them of how, when he was in China and wanted soda, he had made the sign for popping the marble out of the soda bottle. The mandali tried to ask someone the directions to a restaurant where such a drink could be had, but instead the Chinaman thought they were a group of men seeking prostitutes and took them to a lavishly decorated brothel!

"Anyway, those people were also blessed by Baba's presence," Mehera observed. "Baba was amused when he told us this story; he had to hold his hand to his mouth to prevent himself from laughing."

Mehera continued: "Baba has been to nearly all of the nice places in America, even Hollywood. He had reasons to visit them — to sanctify and bless them. Baba was the perfect Avatar for modern times. He enjoyed good food, good clothes, and good music. He traveled widely and loved, not only India, but America and other Western countries also."

After returning from a subsequent trip to Hollywood, Baba mentioned Greta Garbo, explaining that she had been a yogi in a previous life who had died suddenly & missed a chance of spiritual advancement. Though Baba wished to contact her, "it was not in her destiny to come to me," he stated. "She had something she wanted to ask me, but she sent her message through Mercedes [De Acosta, a close friend], and Mercedes carried my reply to her."

On 15 November 1935, Baba cabled Mercedes: "My love and blessings will enable [Garbo] to see life as beautiful pure divine everlasting."

Mercedes De Acosta was a Cuban-American socialite and screenwriter, who met Baba in Hollywood. She was also friends with Marlene Dietrich, Isadora Duncan, Pablo Picasso, Auguste Rodin, and Igor Stravinsky, among others in show business and the arts.


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