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Bhau Kalchuri

That very day [August 14, 1943], Shripat Sahai Rawat of Hamirpur, called Shribhai, came to Meherabad to see Baba. He had heard of Baba in Nagpur from Babadas. He was a very active political worker in the Indian National Congress party, and a warrant had been issued for his arrest because of his agitation for the country's independence. The British government was arresting all of the Congress party leaders for stirring up revolt against their rule.

When Baba saw him, he raised an eyebrow and inquired, "You are here? You should be in jail!"

Shribhai was amazed, as he was coming to Baba for the first time, and had not told him anything. Baba spelled out, "Take darshan without touching my feet."

Baba then asked him what had brought him to Meherabad. Shribhai described his long interest in spirituality, and at the end of his narration Baba dictated, "I am happy about your honest seeking for the Real. I am pleased with you. Ask me what you want; you will get it. But express your wish in one sentence."

Shribhai was greatly affected by this meeting and on the spur of the moment said, "Spiritual advancement."

For a moment Baba looked serious. Then he gestured, "Granted."

Shribhai then admitted he was being pursued by the police, and Baba counseled, "You say that the conflict between a political and a spiritual life is now resolved. As you do not want to involve yourself further in politics, turn yourself in to the District Magistrate of Hamirpur."

"Don't run away," Baba advised, "Go and surrender yourself to the police. Your going to prison is good, and I will have my eye on you."

Shribhai obeyed. He was the first person from Hamirpur district to come in the Master's contact, and it is due to him that the whole of Hamirpur is today at Meher Baba's feet. His contact proved a link, and he also informed other Congress leaders in prison about Meher Baba.


LORD MEHER, 1st USA ed, vol. 7 & 8, pp. 2912-2913
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