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In the early sixties Dr. Ginde had a massive heart attack, but he continued his work as a surgeon. When he came with the masseur for Baba's neck pain, he asked Baba's permission to stay over-night at Meherazad and ensure that the masseur was doing his work well.

In the evening after Baba had retired, Ginde expressed a desire to visit Seclusion Hill. Eruch, knowing of Ginde's heart attack, voiced some concern, saying that even the track to the Hill was rough and meant some climbing. But Ginde assured Eruch of his fitness, and so together with Meherwan, they set off. As they proceeded Ginde was inspired by the great serenity and beauty of the area, the immense silence, and after reaching the base of the Hill, he said he wished to go further. Eruch asked, 'Are you sure you are alright?'

'Oh yes Eruch do not worry.' Ginde had fallen in love with the Hill. So little by little, despite entreaties from Eruch to please consider 'should he not stop and return,' Ginde reached the top, even the last part with the narrow ledge.

In the meantime the women mandali saw them going towards the Hill, and reported this to Baba. Now Baba became restless, gesturing, 'Has Eruch no sense, taking a heart patient there?! What if he has a heart attack?!'

So He continued fretting and fuming, constantly sending Bhau and others to see if they had turned back. While Baba was extremely restless and concerned, Ginde was assuring Eruch not to worry, and was thoroughly enjoying himself. There was also a beautiful sunset, and the three of them stayed at the top for some time.

When they returned to Meherazad and Baba was told that all were safe, He gave a sigh of relief, but then sent word to Eruch that he should have shown greater sense before taking Ginde up the Hill. Eruch reported what had happened and finished with — what else could he have done?


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