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Bhau Kalchuri

On December 31st [1949], Baba gathered the companions together and asked them to wash their hands and feet, and after He washed His own hands, Ghani read out the following prayer:

Today is the last day of the two and a half months' period of promised help.

I asked the Most Merciful God for forgiveness for myself and my companions for any conscious or unconscious mistakes, large or small, committed by me or my companions toward each other or toward the spirit of the conditions of the New Life and the oath pertaining thereto during these two and a half months.

I forgive my companions wholeheartedly for any misbehavior toward me and ask my companions to wholeheartedly pardon me for any ill-treatment I might have given them.

I ask the All-powerful God to give us strength to live the New Life 100 percent according to the conditions and the oaths of the New Life which begins from tomorrow, the 1st of January, 1950.

At the conclusion of the prayer Baba said,

After full consideration, and keeping well in sight the conditions of the New Life and our oaths, I have decided that without promising anything, I will try to overlook unconscious mistakes, large or small. But I will never condone any small or large mistakes consciously committed.

I will not forgive any mistake that goes radically against the spirit of the conditions, and under no circumstances will there be any compromise. I will be brother and friend in every respect except in absolute obedience to my orders. We, who stick to the conditions 100 percent, sink or swim together.

Author's commentary: Up to January 1st, the training that the companions had received from Baba was devoted to the first two aspects of the New Life — helplessness and hopelessness. From the first of the year onward would begin the internal work of integrating these two aspects into the very tenor of life with full trust in God.


MEHER BABA'S NEW LIFE, pp. 273-274
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