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Judith Garbett

To my surprise I was called for Tea that afternoon which I didn't think would happen because there were a good number of women present....

I thought of staying near the foot of the table this time but Davana Brown, one of the Western residents who help the mandali at Meherazad, whispered quickly 'Go on, go with her, sit next to her,' and after hesitating a moment I did so. Mehera often turned or spoke directly to me. Some on the other side of the table talked quite a lot, but our side was quieter and sometimes I felt almost alone with Mehera.

After eating the unusual dish of a kind of thin chapatti cut in small pieces, cooked with brown sugar and served hot with warm milk, I sat back a little so that others on that side could see Mehera. But soon afterwards when she was telling about her childhood she told me to sit forward so that her voice would reach me.


LIVES OF LOVE, Mehera, Part 3, p. 4
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