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Part 2


Bhau Kalchuri

In 1931, all political leaders of India who wanted independence for India were called to attend the Round Table Conference in London, England. Gandhiji said that he would not go to London until the British Government accepted certain conditions of his. Baba was in Karachi at that time and the mayor of Karachi, Jamshed Mehta, requested that Baba make Gandhiji go to London to attend the political conference.

Baba said to the mayor, "If I go to England (and America) I will take Gandhi along with Me." Gandhiji was refusing and refusing, but at the 11th hour he accepted and Baba and Gandhi sailed in the same ship called the Rajputana to London. The British government changed the route demarcated for Gandhiji which happened to be the route that Baba took.

After they had set out, Jamshed informed Gandhiji that Meher Baba was in the ship so why not go see Him. So, one day Gandhi went to Meher Baba's cabin and knocked on the door. Baba's secretary, Chanji, opened the door. Baba embraced Gandhi and then they sat down. Since Baba was observing silence, He used an alphabet board to communicate and Chanji was translating the talk between Gandhiji and Baba.

Gandhi said, "Baba, I feel like sitting with you for hours and hours but I am involved with the independence of India and therefore I cannot do this. But I want God Realization."

And Baba said, "If you want God Realization, leave politics and I assure you I will give you God Realization in one night."

Gandhi said, "I have given a promise to the people for the independence of India and therefore until India achieves independence I cannot leave politics."

And Baba said, "All right. After independence, leave politics and come to me and in one night I will give you God Realization." Baba then said to him, "I have written a book about the secret of life, why this creation is created, what is the goal of life, what one has to do."

Gandhiji wanted to read the book and Baba said, "It is only the manuscript. It is not printed and wherever I go, I take this manuscript with me." However, Baba then gave Gandhi a few pages to read.

Gandhi went to his cabin and read it and returned to Baba, saying, "Baba you write such books! But why do you write in English? Why don't you write in Gujrati?" He was talking with Baba in Gujrati because Gandhi wanted to speak the language of India.

Baba said to him, "I can write in English or in Persian. Both languages I know very well but Gujarati, Hindi, or any language of India I cannot write fluently."

Gandhi did not know Persian and therefore he said to Baba, "Baba, you write in English and I will translate it into Gujarati.

Baba said, "Promise me that you will translate it." And he promised.

I am giving this background in order to explain the difference between social service and selfless service. They met each other in the ship and afterwards again in London and Bombay and Gandhiji corresponded with Baba till Gandhi was assassinated. A great change took place inside him after meeting with Baba.


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