Symbols of the world's religions


Part 4


Bhau Kalchuri

Message read out by Rustom on 17th February 1937:

Baba dictated in the evening of the first day.

"The universal mind and infinite consciousness have infinite ways of working universally. Whatever work One who has a universal mind or infinite consciousness does is reverberated through the universe and produces reflex actions. If he fasts the result of the fasting is felt throughout the universe spiritually. A Master's working is always for the spiritual end. If he observes silence the same result is brought about.

"Now the world is labouring under terrible economic chaos. To follow the spiritual path and to enable the mind to accept the spiritual, the material needs must, to some extent, be satisfied. Consequently, when I with my own hands give food and clothing to the poor, the result will be that the world will gain economic and material welfare."

The Avatar and Sadgurus are always selfless because the false self is not in them. So whatever they do, they do to make others selfless. But selfless service, we ordinary persons can also do if we can do it without expectation, out of love, honesty, and sincerity towards God. Without any expectation we must serve God in others who are downtrodden, helpless and who suffer. And if we do it selflessly we make our false self weak.

In Social Service, you want respect from them, but selfless service is that service which has no expectation.


Handout prepared for the Meher Selfless Service Program, pp. 3-4
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