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Bernice Ivory

I had not yet met Beloved Baba physically but, while dear Darwin Shaw shared with a group of us the events of his "Three Incredible Weeks with Meher Baba" — the 1954 Sahavas in India — the Beloved appeared before me.

As Darwin stood speaking to us, a beautiful Light came out from his back, outlining his body. I watched spellbound as the Light became brighter and clearer. At the same time, Darwin's form grew dimmer and dimmer, finally fading into the Light. The room and its occupants vanished. I felt I was being drawn to the Light, which was softly glowing and radiant, yet not still; it had the quality of living and breathing.

Being drawn still closer, I could now see the Light taking form. There before my astonished eyes stood Beloved Baba. Words just cannot describe how beautiful He looked. His eyes twinkled merrily as He smiled lovingly at me. His sadra and jacket hung gracefully from His body, while Light more brilliant than His garments encircled His neck and fell gently down the front of His jacket like a scarf.

Time stood still as my heart danced and pounded in my breast. Then...very slowly the form of Darwin came out of the Beloved and I was again conscious of the room and its occupants.

I found tears rolling down my cheeks, and a wonderful feeling remained with me a long time. Loving thanks to the Ocean of Love.


GLOW International, May, 1986, p. 24, ed. Naosharwan Anzar
1986 © Naosherwan Anzar


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