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Bhau Kalchuri

The aim of human consciousness is to become pure. To become pure one has to undergo the processes of reincarnation and involution. The human form is the only form in which consciousness can become absolutely pure. The human form is the highest form, and this means that only in this form can the impressions in the mind be fully expressed and at the same time be fully controlled.

In other words, only in human consciousness can sanskaric impressions cease to be acted upon, and reaction to impressions can be controlled by stopping reaction. In the human form consciousness can become pure, because all actions and reactions to the force of impressions can cease. Only in human form can the mind and all mental activity stop....

Then how does a man become pure? This problem cannot be solved by man; it is solved only by God. This is why God himself takes human form age after age. The Avatar comes as the Purifier of consciousness, and washes and cleanses the impressions of each human mind so it can see beyond good and bad, natural and unnatural. The sanskaric impressions of both good and bad are cleansed only by slowing down the mind.

Divine Intoxication of God slows down the human mind, and therefore the Avatar cleanses human consciousness by giving his wine to humanity. When a man is in a God-intoxicated state, he does not react to good or bad, natural or unnatural things, because his mind has slowed down sufficiently to see beyond these differences. A God-intoxicated man does not react to good or bad; he reacts only to the level of his own intoxication, and so he is not affected by good or bad in people.

It is the Avatar's duty to purify the impressions of gross humanity, because gross conscious people always react to what is good or bad, and therefore they are always bound within these opposite conditions. The Avatar always receives intense resistance from people who are habituated to good or bad, because their consciousness is always in the habit of distinguishing between these opposites.

Gross conscious people cannot break the age-old habit of good or bad, natural or unnatural distinctions, so it is the work of the Avatar to let them know that there are states of human consciousness beyond good and evil.

Because of mankind's resistance to the consciousness that the Avatar works to achieve, he has to suffer. But he is so merciful, so kind, and so loving that he washes and cleanses the impressions of each one. So each person experiences some degree of divine intoxication during this Avataric age of wine.

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