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Darwin C. Shaw

There we saw Baba, standing to greet us, looking radiantly beautiful, wearing a white sadra and Indian sandals. His abundant, wavy hair flowed down to his shoulders. Baba's secretary, Chanji, was the only other person in the room.

Although it was a sunny afternoon, with sunshine streaming in through the windows, there seemed to be a special light in the room that emanated from Baba. As I looked at him, this lightness became, for me at least, a luminous glory, and it was thus that I beheld the Christ, in the glorious radiance of Divine Love.

Baba sat down on a wide sofa and motioned for us to sit on either side of him. Donald and Faith sat on Baba's left side, while Jeanne and I sat on his right side. But I felt that somehow I must get closer to him. The instant that I felt this, the idea flashed into my mind that I could kneel and sit back on my heels on the carpet right in front of him. I have since come to believe that Baba flashed that idea to me in response to my longing to be nearer to him.

So there I was at the feet of Christ. He was so beautiful, and being so close to him was truly heavenly. As on the previous occasions with him, there seemed to be no need for words, but he did speak to us — via the alphabet board, with Chanji reading — about love.

Baba said, "Through love you will come to see me as I really am." At that time we already saw him as the Christ and were almost overwhelmed by what we were beholding, so we could not imagine his unveiled spiritual splendor.

Baba sat with one foot on the carpet and the other leg crossed over his knee, and this placed his raised foot just a few inches in front of me. I could scarcely believe my eyes as, looking at his lovely foot, I realized that here was the sacred foot of Christ. Scenes of Mary of Bethany washing the feet of Jesus and wiping them with her hair came to mind, and I was consumed with a longing to kiss Baba's foot. But as I looked up, I felt a bit awkward about it with everyone looking.

Then a moment later, to my surprise, I noticed everyone seemed to be preoccupied and not noticing me. Even Baba was looking away. Instantly recognizing this as my opportunity, I bent forward and most gently and lovingly kissed his foot. As I straightened up, it seemed as though no one had noticed, but then Baba reached forward and drew me close to him. Not knowing what he intended, I bowed my head, but Baba gently lifted my chin and kissed my forehead.


2003 © Darwin C. Shaw


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