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Mani Irani and Heather Nadel

Dear Winnie,

Your home-news letter lovingly received by Mani. Our Baba certainly has a natural way of bringing up topics for clarification. Mani does have some thoughts on your question about dearest Mehera, as to whether it is appropriate to express adoration and reverence for Mehera by bowing to her, talking to her within, garlanding her shrine, and so on.

Well, says Mani, this is a private matter concerning the heart. There is no rule which says you shall do so, and none that says you shall not. When your heart prompts you, it is right to do it. Otherwise, it is right not to do it.

When you talk to Mehera, garland her shrine or bow to her, you are simply acknowledging and honouring Mehera's supreme love for Beloved Baba and Baba's highest love for beloved Mehera — Love is reason enough. After all, why would one feel like remembering and honouring Mehera in such a profound way? Because of her love for Baba and Baba's love for her which alone prompts that response of love from you.

Honouring Mehera is honouring pure, one-pointed, whole-hearted love for the One Beloved, to whom she directed all honour, veneration or adoration expressed towards her at any time.

Awareness of Mehera's most special place in his Heart and Work was given to His disciples by Baba from the earliest years. Hence, veneration for Mehera is not a newborn sentiment since she has gone to Baba. It is a continuation of the love and reverence accorded to Mehera over the years by her companions and the world of Baba-followers.

"Moreover," Mani says, "her very role in this Avataric Age entitles Mehera to worldwide recognition in time to come. Clues to the fulfillment of this destiny have been given to us by Beloved Baba now and then, in a natural manner, on some occasion or another. When telling Gulmai (as far back as the 20s) that Mehera was His Radha, Baba was in fact declaring Mehera's ordained role as His chosen counterpart; same as Radha, Sita, Mary, and others in previous Advents."

Mani continues:

Baba gave indications to the stature and dimension of Mehera's role in simple ways and through natural situations apparently created by Him for the purpose. The star role in one such instance was played by Baba's favourite pet dog, Mastan, a huge, gentle giant looked after by Mehera. Just the sight of him was enough to scare the neighbouring villagers and shepherds, and therefore Mastan was usually tied up.

One morning Mehera took Mastan on his leash for a little stroll in the adjoining field, while some distance away a villager was grazing his cattle. Mastan started barking and the frightened villager picked up a rock, threatening Mastan, who had gotten free of his leash with a single jerk.

Mehera ran to Mastan's defence just as the villager's rock came flying at Mastan, narrowly missing Mehera. There was a great commotion as we ran out to Mehera; our gardener and Meheru grabbed the man, and Mastan was brought indoors.

The culprit, who happened to be a cousin to one of our servants, was brought before Baba in Mandali Hall. Baba heard his version and Meheru was also called to give her account.

The culprit received a slap from his cousin at Baba's command and rubbed his nose at Baba's feet. Thus, Baba brought the young man's guilt home to him, and then pardoned him — as was His way.

Before the final curtain, while the repentant young man stood in tears in front of Baba, Eruch's ringing voice was heard interpreting Baba's gestures as Baba looked very sadly at this young man who in his ignorance had lifted a hand against one whom he should have knelt down to.

Baba said to him, "Have you any idea what you did? You flung a stone towards this lady whom all the world will worship some day!"

In your letter you mentioned Mary, mother of Jesus, which is why Mani wants to share with you a dream she had some years ago.

There has stood for a long time, by the side of the private road approaching Meherazad Residence, a huge mango tree which was blessed to bear plentiful fruit for the enjoyment of the Lord and His disciples for many long years.

It had a hollowed-out cavity in its large trunk. In her dream Mani was running down the Meherazad road towards the house in great agitation, when she was suddenly stopped by a beautiful blue light surrounding the mango tree.

Walking slowly towards it, she found that this light was emanating from the hollow space in the trunk. And there inside this "grotto" was the Madonna, wearing a blue mantle and a small crown, looking supremely pure and radiating an incredibly gentle effulgence.

Mani was overcome by the extremely beautiful feeling which surrounded the Image, and kneeling down, she placed her head in the Madonna's lap, lifting it up now and then to have another look at Her.

Suddenly, she found that the Madonna's face had changed and now it was Mehera who was seated there, looking serene and sublime within the light. After a while the face changed again into the face of the Madonna, and then back to Mehera — this kept on until Mani woke up with a feeling of incredible peace and joy which she carried with her for days.

And so, dear Winnie, in regard to Mehera, Mani says follow your heart, which will take you only one place: up the high road to your Beloved Baba.

You are free to share this with others.

With lots of love from Mani (and me!),

~~Heather Nadel


Nov-Dec 1989, pp. 5, 10
1989 © Avatar Meher Baba Denver Center


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