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The next morning Baba left Sakori with one or two persons. In the afternoon Navalsha [Curshidji Talati] was to leave Sakori with others, selected by [Upasni] Maharaj, and they were to join Baba. Dina [Talati] wished to say farewell, and left her room to see the party before their departure. But there seemed at first to be no-one around. She was perplexed.

Then she noticed a small group inside a small room to the side of the Khandoba temple. This room had two doors, and Maharaj was standing near one of them. At first she hesitated to go in, but seeing Gulmai standing to one side, she took courage and slipped in the other door to stand next to her. As she did so Maharaj began to speak.

"All of you who are present here I hand over to Meherwan (Meher Baba). From this moment you are to follow Meherwan and obey Him. Stick to Him as a stamp sticks to an envelope, and no matter how many post office seals pound that stamp it should not come off, and wherever the envelope goes the stamp goes with it. Likewise you all stick as firmly to Meherwan no matter what befalls you: do not leave Him and I assure you that He will take you with Him to the very end and the ultimate destination.

"Whatever I had, I have given to Meherwan. You have no idea who He is, but never mind, just stick with Him through thick and thin and He will take you with Him. A time will come when I speak things against Him, but do not pay any heed to what I say — it is part of My work. I shall sift to clean the grain, and the husk will fly off. (His exact words were 'Me pakhrayala basnar je halke asal te udoon janar').

"If you are strong and firm in your hold of Him, you will be able to withstand it all and will win. If I tell you to do something and Meherwan tells you not to, do not listen to Me but do as He says. I shall repeatedly contradict Him — I may even call Him names or call Him a fraud, do not listen to me.

"To those of you who are here today, I repeat most emphatically that Meherwan is everything and from now on I want you to follow Him and Him alone. Now you can go as per His instructions and join Him. I give you all My blessing!"


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