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Teaching them, Baba gave out the following:

Paramatma equals God Unconscious.
Ishwar equals God as Creator.
Jiva equals the individual soul.
Shiva equals conscious (knowing) Self (God).

He then explained Kabir's famous verses:

Ek Rama Dasharath ghar dole
Ek Rama ghat ghat main bole
Ek Rama ka sakal pasara
Ek Rama tribhuvan se nyara

One God in a cradle (is rocked) in King Dasharath's house.
One God in the depths of every heart is speaking.
One God sustains everything outspreading.
One God is beyond the whole creation.

He said the verses referred to body, mind, spirit, self.

Continuing, Baba said:

In order to know Itself Paramatma took form (Jivatman) but It also got karma at the same time — and karma means sanskaras or mental impressions. Now none can escape karma (the impressions of actions on the mind), but he can, and must, act in such a way that opposite sanskaras are found to counterbalance the first ones.

Devotion, charities, prayers, bhajans, kirtans, Name-repetitions, etc., make such opposite sanskaras and burn away the ones already made; while tapascharya (austerities, starvation and yoga, etc.) create bindings. The Real Starvation is when the mind, not the body, is starved.

THE SILENT WORD, p. 286, Francis Brabazon
1978 © Meher Baba Foundation


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