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Francis Brabazon


It is just as well you all are not here at the moment for I might be subjecting you all to a Harpo Marx attack — leeping upon you one after another & hugging & kissing you; & then knocking all yr. dilberry brained heads together. Ah — but you shd. have been here this morning. BABA was in a gd. mood & all the routine affairs went off smoothly. Then, the BIG MOMENT came. I presented the copy of STAY WITH GOD on a lge. metal platter decorated w. wild flowers (wch. I had freshly picked) to Him. He positively grinned and chuckled — a bit shy-like as tho, well, 'I hadn't expected this') & then embraced and kissed me. Then He opened the package carefully layer by layer, telling me to save & keep all the wrappings, until He came to the last wrapping — under which He peeped, leaving me agog to also see. Then He took off the last wrapper — & there was the beautiful Book. BABA, after admiring the dust-jacket and cloth-cover, opened it page by page exclaiming all the time at the beauty and fineness of the workmanship of printing & lay-out. He held it up for the men mandali to look at, but didn't let them look too long or touch it, but stood up, tucked it under His coat, wound a long scarf around His middle & marched off to the house to show it to His beloved Mehera & the other women-mandali. But before He went He gave each of the mandali a sweet to 'celebrate the occasion' & gave me one each for you dears, naming each of you & making sure that I kept each one separate.

Baba dictated a cable for all involved:

Stay With God has come to stay & My love to all those who helped to make it the perfect book that it is — BABA


THE WATER CARRIER, pp. 56-57, Robert Rouse
1998 © Robert Rouse


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