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Ivy O. Duce

One of Margaret Craske's stories about Baba's archetypal work was when Baba came into the girls' ashram at Meherabad and said to them, "If this building were attacked, how would you defend yourselves?" They all thought earnestly and said they would put Mehera, Mani and the other two girls he was perfecting in a little cupola above the second floor which was their dormitory, and then they would try to defend the doors on the ground floor.

Baba then gave instructions to Margaret and said, "You are a dancer and know much about anatomy, and I want you to teach these girls how to protect themselves." Since the girls had been sheltered from all of the "facts of life" for years, Margaret found this a difficult assignment. She gave them folded newspapers and drilled them over and over in the tactics of protecting themselves from invaders.

One evening same weeks later, Baba came in with a bundle of sticks, each topped with a piece of iron, and commanded that the girls that night use these loaded sticks in their drill. The next day the newspapers throughout India reported that a certain village far away had been set upon by a large group of marauders, and the natives had finally succeeded in driving the bandits away with homemade loaded sticks which nobody had ever heard of before. Margaret also remarked that she had noticed that many times Baba sent disciples to places where later stirring events followed.

HOW A MASTER WORKS, pp. 634-635
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