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Dr. Burleson writes of his experience in treating Baba as follows:

"The Ambulance brought the victims of the accident into the hospital about 11:00 a.m., May 24, 1952. As usual, I began attending the first one that was brought in which happened to be Mrs. Patterson. By the time I had determined the major extent of her injuries, they brought in Mehera Irani.... I remember while [attending to her injuries] Dr. Goher Irani began urging me to come and see about Baba. Of course I had no idea who Baba was and barely heard her because of the concentration on what I was doing....

"When finally I got around to attending to Baba, I was surprised to see an individual who was injured as badly as he was still smiling. I was also astounded to find that he did not speak a word, or make any sound denoting discomfort. I assumed that he could not but was informed soon by Dr. Goher Irani that he did not speak because of a willful act. I knew that we were going to have to give him a general anesthetic (Pentothal) to set his fractures and suspected that he would say something at that time, but he didn't.

"The most attractive quality of his personality that first day was the way he looked at me with those big brown eyes as if he were reading my mind. Later I determined that the most astounding quality that was something which made it possible for him to receive such profound devotion and loyalty from so many fine and educated people. That quality cannot be forced. Such devotion can only be possible because he deserved or earned it."

Return to Myrtle Beach

After thirteen days in the hospital, Baba and the others returned by ambulance, not to the Center, but to Youpon Dunes, where Baba stayed for a month while recuperating from the accident. A message was dictated on June 13 by Baba and circulated to His lovers:

"The personal disaster, for some years foretold by Me, has at last happened while crossing the American continent, causing Me through facial injuries, a broken leg and a broken arm, much mental and physical suffering. It was necessary that it should happen in America. God willed it so...."


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