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Ivy Oneita Duce

Ludwig Dimpfl related that the former quarters of the women's ashram at Meherabad had been converted to a dormitory and the Western men were staying there, with only a sheet between the beds which could be drawn when necessary. The bed across the aisle from his had been assigned to Joseph Harb.

When he needed to get something out of his suitcase, Joseph had the habit of placing it on Lud's bed to open it, and not taking it back when he was through. Lud became so frustrated with this that on coming upstairs, he took the suitcase off his bed and dumped its contents on Joseph's bed.

At that very moment, Baba's car arrived and all the men hurried quickly to the downstairs hall for the daily meeting. Lud started down, but then bethought himself that probably he should not have been so provoked and rushed back for an instant to throw Joseph's things back into the bag and put it under the bed.

Seconds later he descended the stairs and entered the room as the group was just then assembling. As he entered, he heard Baba conversing with Francis Brabazon (conveyed by board) to the effect:

"Now, Francis, if you get provoked by anyone, don't empty their suitcase out on their bed."

Francis stared blankly at the Master and replied, "Well, of course not, Baba."

Lud did not need anything more at that moment.


HOW A MASTER WORKS, p. 184-185
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