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Bhau Kalchuri

I don't know how I am dictating this Awakening. I am blank, and the voice in me is in my heart, and I am interpreting the voice. There is nothing for me beside the voice. Very silent ... but what a beautiful voice it is! I am fully absorbed in this voice, and I don't know who am I and what I am doing. How to describe this voice?

It cannot be imagined.

Jai Beloved Baba! If You have the voice in my heart, I will have nothing to do with the world! I will deal with You all the time and forget this world which does not exist!

What a bliss this is when I hear this voice. It keeps me away from Illusion. I hear only Your voice and remain absorbed, and the world does not remain there. Only You and not the world. How I am caught up in the world I don't know. How I got this ignorance?

I don't know how I am passing through this ignorance.

Now the stage has come when I hear the voice and forget the world. What bliss You are giving me, My Lord. But give me this state permanently. I don't want anything, and what is the thing to be achieved? What is achievement before this?

But it should not be for the time being. It should be permanent. If I remain in this state permanently, I will be free from ignorance. I will not have any thought or desire of the world, which is actually nothing.

O my Lord! O my Beloved Meher Baba! Please! I now know why You were observing silence. It is impossible to fathom Your depth! You are the Highest of the High, and in order to reach You one has to look up and not look down, and this is the passing of all temptations. What a joyful voice this is. How can one understand it?

One has to become the joy of this voice. Then one will come to know what a sweet voice was in the silence of the Beloved. Really sweet. Extremely sweet.

When the manifestation of the Beloved takes place everyone will be attached to the voice. Some will hear more, and others will hear less, and still others will hear less and less, and this is His manifestation.

O Baba! Don't keep me away from this voice! Make me Your slave so that I go on hearing the voice and not the noise of the world. Please keep me detached from this world which is, after all, nothing but zero. And this zero is nothing but ignorance. But what a game of illusion this is that we remain attached with this zero, and don't care for the Truth.

What will be that Wakefulness that one wakes up towards the voice and remains sleeping towards the world?

What a joy — what happiness. What is this bliss? Can it be understood or imagined?

If anyone feels it, it is a great thing, and when he experiences it he reaches the goal. Then there is nothing for him but this bliss eternally.

O Beloved! Why You are giving me this only for the time being? Why don't You give me permanently?

Now what is my condition?

I long for this peace. I long for this joy. Nothing will give me this joy. I know this. O Merciful One, please have mercy and bestow this peace and joy to me to make me free from pleasure and pain of the world. I have now no ambition. I just want this joy and peace which You can give me.

Jai Meher Baba! Jai Highest of the High! ...

I am done with bliss, and now the suffering ... I have no complaints. It is His wish.


AWAKENINGS, pp. 417-419
2011 © Bhau Kalchuri


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