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Bhau Kalchuri

At 7:00 P.M. [Sunday, November 4, 1962] the indescribable East-West Gathering concluded. "All of you, take me with you," were Baba's final words as he waved goodbye with an upraised arm....

John Haynes was going back home to New York early with Don Stevens and some of the ballet dancers. He had been wondering how Baba could love each of them as individuals. It seemed incredible when so many thousands loved him, that Baba knew each of their souls and they were not just one of the masses. John decided to test Baba. He wanted some kind of sign, some proof, some confirmation that he counted in Baba's heart

As the crowds was pressing toward the exits, Baba was leaning over listening to Eruch. John Haynes was near the door. In the middle of this throng of humanity pushing its way out of the pandal, wanting to see whether Baba would say goodbye to him, Haynes raised his hand and waved back and forth.

Just then the crowd separated momentarily and Baba turned, smiled and gestured his sign of perfection. He had been turned the other way just seconds before. John burst into tears because Baba had given him exactly what he wanted.

With the sweet memory of this unique gathering filling their minds, and with their hearts laden with the richness of the Beloved's presence, all began leaving the grounds of Guruprasad. Only one tender echo was heard emanating from them:

"Baba . . . Baba . . . Baba . . . Baba!
When will we meet again?"


LORD MEHER, 1st USA ed, vol. 17 & 18, p. 6031
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