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Bhau Kalchuri

Baba went to the West in May 1958, and upon his return he called a special meeting at Meherabad on July 10th, at which his Universal Message was given. After the meeting, Baba began a series of seclusions which would last virtually until the end of his life.

I would keep watch near Baba from six thirty in the evening until six thirty the next morning. Since Baba was in strict seclusion and no visitors were allowed, Meherazad was especially quiet.

I would be relieved from watch at six thirty in the morning, and then go and sleep. Baba would come to Mandali Hall anytime after nine o'clock, and when he came, generally I was in the washroom. Baba would send a message through someone saying, "Baba has come, but you need not hurry. Take your time."

So I wouldn't rush. But after several minutes, Baba would send someone else with the same message. Then I would hurry up, wash and run to Baba. One day he asked, "Did you finish so soon? Didn't I tell you to take your time?"

I said, "You were sending the same message repeatedly and therefore I came as quickly as I could."

Baba replied, "I did not mean that you should hurry. Now remember, take your time."

The next day when I was in the washroom, although Baba sent the message three times, I took my time. After finishing, when I came into the hall he told me, "I was calling you, and you made me wait! I had some urgent work with you."

"Baba," I reasoned, "yesterday you told me to take my time."

He gestured, "I asked you to take your time, but you should take your time according to my wish. Honestly, I had some very important work with you today, but now I've forgotten what it was!"

From then onwards I would be ready by nine o'clock and Baba was happy. And the marvelous thing was that I would not feel sleepy or at all tired after keeping awake the whole night.

One morning Baba came to the hall at eight thirty. He asked whether I was up, and was informed that I was still sleeping. He gestured to the other mandali, "Do not make any noise, otherwise Bhau will wake up. He kept watch near me the whole night and he shouldn't be disturbed." Everyone kept quiet and Baba also sat quietly for some time.

Fifteen minutes later, I woke up and came out of my room. Baba called me and asked, "Why did you wake up? Were you disturbed?" I told him that I wasn't.

He then said to me, "Do you know, I was on watch and did not allow anyone to make noise. You keep watch near me, so I kept watch near you today."


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