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T. K. Ramanujam

Beloved Meher Baba had visited Madras on 1st March, 1930. Mainly due to the devoted efforts of Baba lovers Baba broke the long spell of His Public withdrawal by giving darshan to the devotees and people at Madras.

Mr. C. V. Sampath Iyangar had dropped his body to rest eternally in Baba, but his wife and daughters did their utmost to make Baba's stay comfortable in their house, Meher Bhavan, No. 20 Brahmin Street, Saidapet.

On 3rd April the darshan programme commenced from 9:30 am in the well decorated hall on the ground floor of Meher Bhavan. People streamed through the room in hundreds.

In the long queue waiting for Baba's darshan, stood a tall man whom no one seemed to know. Like others, he took Baba's darshan and was about to leave the hall when Baba, interrupting the darshan programme, clapped His hands and called him back. Baba gestured, "I know you." Those standing around did not realise the import of these words for "Everything that is Real is given and received in Silence."

Next morning, Baba asked for a car to be brought to His residence. Baba and some of the Mandali drove off without the latter knowing their destination. Baba would give directions to the driver and ultimately, passing through a maze of streets, the car entered a small lane in Royapettah and came to a standstill opposite a stair case that led to the first floor of a building.

A few seconds later, Baba was on the top of the landing on the first floor knocking at a door. No one seemed to be inside for there was no response. Baba asked the Mandali to push open the door forcibly.

Baba entered the room, and the Mandali peeping over His shoulders saw the tall man they had seen in the darshan programme. The room happened to be the prayer room of the tall man. On the walls hung pictures of Rama, Krishna, other past Avatars and saints. There was just one chair in the room and Baba headed straight for it and sat down.

The tall man, who was in meditation, opened his eyes when his door burst open and before he could realize what was happening, Baba had sat down on the chair. The tall man got up from his seat and putting his head on Baba's feet sobbed loudly. The Mandali was amazed.

When he could get his breath back, the tall man said that for years he had been praying in this room and had felt that if his prayers were sincere, and if there was an Avatar in this Age, He would come and sit on the chair in his prayer room. No man had ever sat on that chair until Baba, who on His own came and sat on it. His heart full of love and reverence for Baba, whom he now knew for certain to be the avatar, he shed tears of joy.

Baba looked down on him with such compassion that the Mandali was touched deeply. Baba gestured, "Ask for anything."

The tall man replied, "I want Shanti (Peace)."

Baba said, "Ask for anything but Shanti."

The tall man again repeated "Shanti." For the second time Baba asked him to ask for anything else. The tall man shook his head and with his throat choked cried, "I want Shanti." He put his head on Baba's feet and wept bitterly.

Baba put his hand on the tall man's head and gave him Amar Shanti (eternal peace). The soul of the tall man found its heaven in the infinite oversoul of Beloved Baba. The tall man dropped his body in the Avatar's presence! This is Baba's Miracle!


MUCH LOVE, pp. 312-314
1994 © Avatar Meher Baba Information, Madras


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