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Mind changes according to the sanskaras [impressions] but it is not [basically] transformed. Mind is of the false and it remains false. Being false it can be annihilated.

Today you think, "I am a man." If your body falls and you get the body of a woman, you will think, "I am a woman." This "I" of being a man or a woman is false and it continues to think so till there is real transformation.

Mind is never transformed; Ego is transformed only once. Ego is of the Real and it shall ever remain Real. By Ego, I mean your very Being as Astitva. Ego by itself is not false; mind makes one think so. Mind creates worlds, delusions and illusions yet it is never One in itself. Ego [as witness consciousness] is always One in itself.

The Real Ego that each of us has is apparently bound up by the mind and makes the Real Ego think of itself as false. Mind makes you think birth and death, happiness and misery are real; and nothing can be more false than this. You are never born but mind gives the impression: "I am this," "I am that," "This is my wife," "This is my child," etc.

Mind always keeps you in a tap dance. If you know that you and your wife and your children and all are One, and that you never die, never suffer, what else would there be to know?

GLIMPSES OF THE GOD-MAN, Vol. 2, p. 339, Bal Natu
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