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Rano Gayley

One day near Ajmer, Baba decided to go up a hill called Taragadh where there was a shrine. Instead of just taking the men mandali, he said he wanted to take all the women too, entailing quite a lot of trouble. Baba kept emphasizing the fact that there was a great deal to do in preparing for the excursion. He would have to arrange for coolies to carry up our bedding. Food arrangements would have to be made. Lift chairs were needed for Elizabeth and Nonny who could not walk that distance uphill. Over and over, Baba kept telling us what a lot of trouble it was and what expense he was going to.

We thought, "Oh, dear, Baba is doing all this for us." So Kitty and I put our heads together and decided really it was all right if Baba didn't take us up. Indeed, why should Baba go to all this expense and trouble for us?

We went to Baba's room: "Baba, we appreciate so much all the trouble you're going through to take us up the hill to the shrine and for us to stay there but Baba, don't do it on our account. If we don't go, it's all right."

Baba gave us one look and said, "If you think I'm doing this for you, you're mistaken. My work comes first; you are only secondary."

We walked out of the room with our heads down. Baba had made it very clear that his work did come first, and it was something that we had to experience.

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