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Part 1


Timothy Conway

Dr. Abdul Ghani Munsiff, her biographer and devotee, regarded Babajan as one of the greatest qalandars ever to appear — a qalandar being a Sufi (Muslim mystic) dervish, of unorthodox tendencies, unaffiliated with any major Sufi order.

Many Westerners devoted to the late Indian spiritual leader Meher Baba know of Babajan. It was she who, in January 1914, initiated the 19 year-old Merwan (Meher Baba) with a kiss on the forehead, sending him into formless God-consciousness. Within half an hour Merwan was experiencing a profound infusion of divine energy and spent the next three days in a deep, immobile trance state. This power enabled him to wander around for the next nine months in a somewhat mobile trance state without any food, water or sleep — his attention rapt in God.

What a powerful initiation he had received from Babajan! This anecdote indicates something of Babajan's stupendous capacity of blessing force, what the Sufis call "Baraka." How did this woman come to be so filled with the Spirit of God?


1994 © Timothy Conway, Ph.D.


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