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Mehera J. Irani

Mehera had tears in her eyes, as she related this story about Baba's hair: "Once, I was watching Gulmai combing Baba's hair. Gulmai pulled the hair and hurt him. I thought, 'I must never do that when combing Baba's hair.' Later I got the chance and did it so carefully. Baba told me to hurry, hurry. After the '56 accident, Baba sat for me to do his hair which was all matted. I cut a little off the end at that time and tied his braid with a silk ribbon."(1)

"Baba's hair was very light brown and curly like a child's. It was lighter at the tips than by his scalp (when he was 35 and 40). It got darker as he got older (after 45). None of the brothers had the same color or texture of hair. Baba's hair was fine, but it was not silky. The quality was very beautiful. It was not coarse, but pliable. His hair was so like a child's hair — curly, delicate and dainty.

"In his younger days, Baba had an abundance of curly, brown hair. Since Baba's hair was already curly, there was no need to make curls [from the hair she collected]. I rolled it on a pencil and put it into packages. When Baba was 30 or so, after washing his hair, he always wanted to get up and be in the sun to dry his hair. He looked so sweet after washing [with his hair open]. I curled his hair on my finger, so they would stay curled. Baba shook his hair, broke all the curls with his fingers, to dry it in the sun. I watched him from afar.

"Baba's hair was curly, but you have to keep it tidy. When his hair was open, it used to get knotted. When doing his hair, I had to untangle it so that when I brushed, it didn't pull. The hair had to be separated before brushing. Baba didn't like his hair pulled. On a few occasions, I asked Baba if I should keep his hair open after brushing. When he was going to Meherabad to see the Westerners, he said all right; otherwise, it was always braided, even when he was giving darshan. Sometimes, when he was to be photographed, he told me to leave it open — or on his birthday, or certain other occasions.

"Baba had authority, yet he could be as soft and sweet as a baby. Baba has said that he is soft as butter, but as hard as steel. This means that it takes much to please him. He is strong, but also compassionate and forgiving of mistakes."

Mehera wept silently for a few moments and then quoted a favorite couplet: "Tears shed for the Beloved are like priceless pearls."

Aside from his physical features, there were some aspects of Baba's personality that Mehera found dissimilar to other Avatars: "Baba was very different as Jesus — not as naughty, not cheating at games! Baba loved games; he loved to cheat also. He had a lovely nature. Baba was so different from other Avatars. He fitted into modern times. He went to the West, mixed with people there."

Having attended a convent school, Mehera had a deep love for Jesus: "Jesus was very humble, full of compassion and love, very sweet and loving. As Mani says, we must have adored Jesus from afar; that's why we came near to Baba in this time. It is Baba's miracle, the miracle of his own love that has created love in our hearts to love him. As Baba says, 'It is my love that brings you to me.' It is Baba's love that brings us to Baba. Of course, we must have some past connection with him, so this time we have come near. All of his lovers have some connection. That is why we love him.

"Nobody could ever stop loving Baba, because he was so beautiful in every way — his looks, his voice, his mannerisms (we call it adah), and his love for everyone. Baba was beautiful in every way. Most beautiful was his love for all. So many years to be on silence. He was not doing it for himself, but for each one of us, for all his lovers, as well as for all humanity, for all creation, to which he has given a [spiritual] push. In the world, things are changing fast."

Mehera offered this advice: "Love Baba dearly, so the next time, when Baba is physically present, you all will be near him to serve him in his physical form, to love him, to be near him, to look in his beautiful eyes, and see his lovely smile."

(1) Mehera trimmed Baba's braid a few other times as well. One piece of his braid was sent to Meher Center at Myrtle Beach in 1965, along with some mustache clippings. Another piece of Baba's braid is on display in the museum at Upper Meherabad.     BACK


MEHERA-MEHER, A DIVINE ROMANCE, Vol. 3, pp. 425-426, David Fenster
2003 © David Fenster


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