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1953 Mass Darshan Record

One extremely poor old couple of Amarpura, who lived in a hovel far outside the village, were determined to share in welcoming the Master, and built a small raised square in front of their hut. In spite of his wife's doubts that Meher Baba would come to their poor dwelling, and in spite of the fact that they also had not the courage to invite Baba, the old man was sure that his love would draw the Master to him.

The day of the programmed in the village being over, Baba and party proceeded the next morning to the adjacent town. But instead of taking the usual road, Baba insisted to everyone's surprise on taking a little used path in almost the opposite direction.

After a time he had the car stopped, and getting down went straight to the home of the old couple. Amidst their tears of joy, Baba embraced them both and seated himself on the erected square to be garlanded. He had accepted their hearts' tribute.


IT SO HAPPENED, p. 55, ed William Le Page
1978 © Meher Baba Foundation


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