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Dr. Abdul Ghani

Meher Baba's spiritual greatness consists in being too ordinary, and this characteristic in him makes him an enigma even to his most intimate disciples. He has been repeatedly heard to remark that Realization can be imparted to anybody he desires, in the twinkling of an eye, but the grounding process is necessary for achieving authority to help others spiritually. And to bring about this desired result, which only Perfect Masters are capable of doing, the spiritual awakening in disciples and aspirants of the Path, is sought to be brought about in conformity with natural laws.

This process necessarily entails a long period of novitiate in the service of the Master, with all the attendant mental tortures, suspense, disappointment, longing, which varied phases and experiences according to Meher Baba, are much more valuable than the goal itself.

This indeed is the real miracle that is being wrought by Meher Baba in the case of his disciples, and it is purely a question of time when the adepts in the process of making under his spiritual care and guidance will provide an irrefutable testimony to the spiritual greatness of the Master greater than all the miracles that he may be credited with.


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