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Eruch Jessawala

People thank the Lord for different reasons. Some thank Him for the bounties He has bestowed on them, some for keeping them alive and others for granting them a good harvest throughout the year. I thank the Lord for allowing us to breathe so that we are alive to remember Him and love Him wholeheartedly.

The life that the mandali lived with Meher Baba was a true thanksgiving for we were deeply grateful that He permitted us to live with Him though there was never any outward expression of thanksgiving, and besides He never gave us an opportunity to thank Him with words. It was a subtle thing — a feeling of total gratitude that sprung from our conviction that there was no better way to spend life than to dedicate oneself exclusively for His cause and to His cause....

In Baba's presence it was impossible to feel other than happy, for one experienced a feeling of totality, of wholeness. Sometimes the mandali felt sad in a certain situation, but in the very next moment Baba's presence would dispel all their negative feelings....

Meher Baba was as hard as steel, we felt the heat of His fire but at the same time we felt the joy of the warmth of that fire. There were quite a few occasions when the heat of the fire was so intense, that the mind would want to be away from Him though the heart still hungered to be closer and closer to Him. In Baba's presence, there was a perpetual strife between the mind and the heart and He made sure that the heart was always the victor.

If I had to describe Meher Baba in just two words, I would say that He was the Perfect Person. He was on all levels at one and the same time.


THE ANCIENT ONE, pp. 205-207, ed Naosherwan Anzar
1985 © Naosherwan Anzar


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