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Bhau Kalchuri

One day, when Baba was grinding the handmill, a man came for his darshan. Baba told him, "I am grinding corn, and if you want my darshan you will have to share in my work."

Taken aback, the man replied, "Great One, I have come for your darshan, not for grinding corn."

Baba smilingly retorted, "What is the use of having the darshan of a simple grinder of corn? I completely grind those who come for my darshan. Without such grinding, how can you expect to have darshan? You are not in the least willing to do as I say, so how can I give you darshan?"

The man did not follow the meaning of his words and said, "Now that I have seen the Baba, I will take your leave. Namaskar — I bow to you, Farewell."

"All right, take darshan!" exclaimed Baba. The man put his head on the Master's feet and went away.

Afterward, Baba told the mandali, "That man has bowed to his desires and expectations, not to me! Had he carried out my wish today, I would have given him my real darshan! I am in that mood and he would have assuredly derived great benefit had he listened to me."


LORD MEHER, 1st American ed, vol 2, p. 730
1986 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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