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Meher Baba

God in His original infinite divine dream state eternally plays the three roles of the Creator, the Preserver and the Destroyer simultaneously.

When God is in the process of preserving His own infinite Creation, He is already at the same time in the future, and having preserved what He created, which has passed, the future is definitely established before Him even in His eternal present, which future will destroy what He created in the past and what He preserved in the present.

Therefore God, being omniscient and eternally of the present, knows of the past which He eternally preserves as the present; and also, at the same time, He constantly experiences in advance, in His eternal present, all that which is of the future.

Similarly, God in the man state, as man, inadvertently witnesses all the time in his dream state that which is also to be experienced in the future of his awake state. Man thus finds that he sometimes has prescience of things that come to pass after a lapse of time.

To sum up: In the very act of creation, the acts of preservation and destruction are also present; so, by creating illusion God, as it were, simultaneously preserves and destroys it.

In reality, therefore, nothing is created that remains to be preserved and destroyed, because the created Creation is of the Nothing, and this Nothing in reality means absolutely nothing in all respects.

Though this Nothing is indeed nothing at all, yet when it is said that the Nothing is created by Brahma, preserved by Vishnu and destroyed by Mahesh or Shiva, it is spoken of only in terms of the infinite illusion, i.e., in terms of the infinite, divine dream state of God related to the illusory universe — the brahmand*.

In the eternity of reality there is absolutely no such thing as creation, preservation or destruction, neither is there space, nor is there any scope for relativity, much less could there ever be the correlated factors of time, such as the past, present and future.

In the eternity of Reality, the one, infinite, eternal, all-pervading existence is.

*Note: Of the three aspects — Creator, Sustainer and Dissolver — Sustainer is the most important because "The Present" which sustains the past and the future is most important. Therefore, Parvardigar (Vishnu) — The Sustainer — is the most important aspect of God.


GOD SPEAKS, 1st Indian ed, pp. 92-93
1973 © Sufism Reoriented, Inc.


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