Symbols of the world's religions


Part 2


Adi K. Irani

To expect the Avatar to demonstrate that His human body does not change or is not dropped off is to foolishly expect Him to change the law of nature. Law is created by God who is beyond law, and God in the form of the Avatar is both law-free and law-abiding.... Since the Avatar knows everything, He does not mind such an absurd thought by His lovers and others.... He goes on doing His work uninterrupted for the good of humanity in the form of a human body when He appears on Earth, and in the form of His Divine Being when He is not in the body....

He perpetually lives God's life in creation and beyond, and is the only eternal link between God and man.

In light of Baba's revealing pronouncements, dare we insult our conviction (if we have one) by saying that Baba is "dead" when He is God? God is a permanent source of love-blessings to man by being Zoroaster, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Mohammed and Meher Baba. His name is different but His being is the same.

All generalizations made by us such as thinking that a yogi, an advanced soul, a mahatma, a saint, a satpurusha (sixth plane saint), or for that matter a Perfect Master, are able to give their blessings to the world when not in a human body, are gross misunderstandings of the messages given to us by Avatar Meher Baba. All beings, except the Avatar and Perfect Masters, after dropping the human body, come back to the gross world to perfect themselves. A Perfect Master, after dropping His body, becomes disconnected with the entire illusion of creation....

Since Baba dropped His body, some people feel they suffer from an absence of guidance and direction. It is true that Baba has given no authority to anyone to give guidance. He alone is our Father and Guide, and in Him we will find all our woes and conflicts dissolved. Avatar Meher Baba, while physically present, invariably gave hints and advice to His lovers to look for Him in their hearts. It is in the heart alone that Baba can be felt and seen. The heart is a symbolic place which Baba pointed at as an approach to Him, by looking within it.

We love Baba but we also love so many other things. Loving things other than Baba is not tabooed. There are many loves as well as objects of love. Which object do we love most and which love do we value most? This is a matter of our own choice, our own discretion and decision....

The greatest of all games is the love of God. It is to be played wholeheartedly with our lives, not with mere words or extraneous objects. When we love Baba to the exclusion of everything else, He then must come to us and brighten our hearts with His presence. We may feel or see Him in an ineffable peacefulness and love, or with the figure of His Being in the outline of His physical body, or just as an unseen presence of His oceanic love flooded with light. He can be experienced in many ways. Baba is infinite, multi-sided, multi-sighted, multi-feeling and multi-loving.


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