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Sam Kerawala

Meher Baba was staying in the north of India and with Him were His men and women mandali. He spent some time each day with the women in one of the rooms.

One day as they sat there talking, the largest gecko Naja had ever seen, ran along high on the walls stopping over Baba. It then voided itself on Baba. Baba, not ceasing His conversation with the women, took a handkerchief from the pile on a small table beside Him, wiped His head clean and discarded the handkerchief. Naja, observing this, was not at all happy, but could do nothing to stop the gecko.

The next day, the same thing happened with Baba again quietly wiping His head with a handkerchief without any sign of irritation or impatience. But it was not so with Naja, seeing her Beloved Lord having to endure such insult. The next day she brought with her a long broom, resolved to deal with the gecko if it sought to do the same thing again.

Sure enough it did appear, but as she leapt to her feet to strike it, Baba stopped her in surprise, 'What are you doing with that broom?!'

'Baba, I want to stop the gecko reaching You.'

'What do you have against the gecko? All of you,' said Baba, circling the room with His hand, 'are much more a burden around My neck than that poor gecko!'


THE DIVINE HUMANITY OF MEHER BABA, Vol 2, pp. 161-162, Bill Le Page
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