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When you give your beard in the hands of a barber for shaving, you allow him to take as much liberty as he likes with your face, turning your face (head) in any direction he wishes to take — this side, that side, etc. — because, you have your "NEED" — your object — in view — to get yourself shaved. Once the "need" (the object of shaving) is served, you won't allow any liberty — nay, not even a "touch". For then, if the barber ventures to "touch" your face even, he gets a slap or a kick, or in case of your nature being mild, you would say, "Take care! Don't touch!" etc.

In the same way, if you "need" or have a "desire" for "God Realization" (Realization of Self), go and surrender to a Sadguru, body and soul. Go whenever, wherever and however he likes and orders you to, and have every word of His carried out, and your "need" (object of Self Realization) will be served — sooner or latter, according to your own actions and deserving. That is to say, if you do not hesitate to "surrender" to an ordinary "Barber" to get your object of shaving, being served, then why not "surrender" to a Sadguru, if you desire such a great gift and attainment as Self-Realization?

TIFFIN TALK, Vol 3, 026.tif 26 (30-5-26)
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