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Dr. Harry Kenmore

Four days before I left Meherazad for the States, Meher Baba requested that I tell the New Yorkers everything that happened during my visit.

Baba: When you go back tell them everything that happened here with Baba. p> Dr. Kenmore: Everything?


Dr. Kenmore: Even about "the promise?"

Baba: Even about "the promise."

Dr. Kenmore: But that would make them jealous!

Baba: Then let it make them jealous because they will want to love Baba as He ought to be loved. And that will make them come closer to Baba.

But in making my 'full report' of my epic-making visitation with the Avatar, I meticulously omitted mentioning "the promise." And throughout the years I have witnessed the regrettable reaction which stemmed from my failure to recognize that His opinion during that conversation constituted an order.... My rather warm multiple relationship as doctor, companion, friend, entertainer, mandali, etc., to Baba seemed to imply that no order as such had been given.

The jealousy I sought to prevent was the jealousy that was created. Eleven years later, I suddenly realized the jealousy that had fallen to me as my "share of good fortune" was the direct result of that omission.

And what was "the promise?" On seven different occasions Meher Baba promised that in this lifetime I would have a Glimpse of His Real Divinity (seeing Him as He really is) and that this Glimpse would stay with me.


THE WAY AND THE GOAL, Vol 1, no 1, p. 1
1970 © Dr. Harry Kenmore


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