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Dr. Harry Kenmore

Don't wait for other lifetimes. Do it here and do it now because now is the time — now is the only time. Meher Baba has deliberately caused this confusion in the world to happen. Let me say once and for all, you can yearn for a brotherhood of man, but you are not going to have it. You can't have a brotherhood of man, because maya has always meant conflict, confusion and misunderstanding.

You can think of a brotherhood of man as an ideal, but that is not the Ideal. The Real Ideal is only for the few who are going to extricate themselves from the herd of ignorance. Such an individual will realize that the only thing in life that is worthwhile is going to be for that particular individual to extricate himself from the herd and carry on this search alone.

Remember, the majority is always wrong. The minority is always right. Then, as the years go by, just as in the case of Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution, the minority opinion becomes the majority conviction.

The individual must extricate himself from the herd. He feels this divine desperateness. He must have an answer to the mystery of the secret of life. He enjoins himself to take this step in a search that is to be conducted inside himself. It is a silent, it is a quiet search, and he carries it on alone.

But really, he doesn't do it alone; he is doing it with the help, with the divine assistance of Meher Baba who is the Incarnation of Love, the very Incarnation of All-mighty God Himself. He holds out this love for one to accept, and one gets this feeling; one gets this conviction as time goes on.

With this love, one carries on the search deeper and deeper, and then it suddenly takes on a burning that becomes a living fire inside. It literally scorches one, and in response to this vast feeling of separation that one feels, one must unite with the Real and the Divine Beloved. And with union with the Divine Beloved one finds one's Real Self — the answer to all existence.

So, the brotherhood of man is simply an ideal that those who are least inculcated with feelings of greed and of self-interest would unite under. They seek to unite under this banner and to establish this brotherhood of man which will never occur because it cannot, because maya is what it is — the principle of ignorance.


THE WAY AND THE GOAL, Vol 1, No. 12, p. 7
1970 © The Society for Avatar Meher Baba


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