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Rustom B. Falahati

On one occasion Mani brought up the subject of speaking the truth. "Baba wanted us to speak the truth at all times, but we don't have to say everything," she explained.

Once there was a Baba lover who was visiting Meherazad for the first time. She was really taken by the beauty and atmosphere she found at Baba's home. When the time came for her to leave, she looked sad.

Mani saw her crying and tried to console her. She told Mani, "Mani, I am not crying because I am leaving, it is something else."

Mani said, "Tell me what it is and maybe I can help you." She proceeded to tell Mani her story.

"You see, my trip to India was financed by my granny, but on the condition that I visit the Taj Mahal and tell her about it. She always wanted to see the Taj Mahal and couldn't do it, so she wanted me to visit the place for her. I was hoping to spend a few days at Meherabad and Meherazad and then leave to see the Taj. But it was so beautiful here that I couldn't tear myself away. Now that it's time to return to America, I am feeling guilty and sad that I did not keep my word. I am afraid of facing her."

"That's all?" Mani said. "I can tell you what to do."

The girl asked, "Are you going to ask me to lie? Others have suggested it and I just can't lie to my granny."

"Not at all. You don't have to tell a lie. When you go to Bombay, make sure you visit the hotel that's there, called the Taj Mahal. Then, when your granny asks you, tell her that you visited the Taj Mahal and that it was beautiful. You won't be telling a lie."

The pilgrim cheered up. After she went home she wrote to Mani telling all about her visit to the Taj Mahal hotel and her encounter with her granny who was happy to hear all about her visit to the Taj. She even thanked Mani for her advice.


THE REAL TREASURE, Vol. 1, p. 18
2006 © Rustom B. Falahati


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