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Shelley Marrich

I first learned of Meher Baba in 1973, and visited India shortly thereafter. Not long after I returned to the United States, I ran into difficulties.

I spent several days in conflict wondering what to do; I finally decided that the reason I was having problems was because I didn't know how to love Baba. I remembered having seen a poster at the Meher Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach entitled "How to Love God," with some suggestions by Meher Baba as to how to do so. I felt that if I could get that poster, my problems would be solved.... I became consumed with the desire to obtain this poster; I knew it contained what I most needed to heal the ache within me.

During this period, I had for some time been taking a class in hatha yoga with some friends. The woman who taught the classes had an affinity for many spiritual masters, including Meher Baba. Placed around her house were booklets and cards concerning these masters.

After each class, she would always serve tea. One particular night I went to the bathroom as soon as the class was over. When I returned, everyone was already gathered, seated in a circle around the tea tray. There was one spot left on the floor right next to a built-in cabinet and bookshelf.

As I wove my way through the people, I noticed that a card had fallen from the bookshelf onto the floor in the very spot that was open for me. Before sitting down, I picked up the card and turned it over, thinking to replace it on the shelf. To my utter surprise and joy, it was a small reproduction of that poster, "How to Love God." I sat down and wept, overcome with the love and attention I felt from Baba in that beautiful gesture.


OUR CONSTANT COMPANION, pp. 48-49, ed Bal Natu
1988 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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